Dark Knight Rises Review (Spoiler-Heavy Version)

So here’s my spoiler-heavy review where I praise the things I liked about the movie and nitpick the two or  three things I didn’t (I’ll just say they might involve Bane):

And because I forgot a couple things, here’s a quick video where I talk about the two or three things I forgot to mention in my “Spoilerrific Review”


V-Log 07-20-2012: The Dark Knight Rises Review

So here’s my (spoiler-free) review of The Dark Knight Rises, the spoiler-heavy version’s on the way…

Amazing Spider-Man Review

So I saw the “Early Bird” showing of Amazing Spider-Man this morning and I thought it was just that. Amazing. If you were a fan of the Sam Raimi series of films and you’re on the fence about seeing this one, I can assure you you’ll enjoy this film. If you don’t really care for the Raimi films and you’re in the camp that wanted Peter Parker to be a little more suave and likeable post-Spider bite, this movie is also for you.

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that Spider-Man actually ties with Superman as being my all-time favorite superhero character. The thing that I always loved about Spider-Man was that he was more relatable than most comic book heroes in that he had the same problems we’ve all struggled with at one point. If you’ve ever been fired (or in my case laid-off) from a job or you’ve struggled doing freelance work (something I also have experience with) and you’ve lost loved ones and have been labeled a “nerd” or an outcast or a “loner” you can identify with Peter/Spider-Man’s problems and that’s something that’s always made Spider-Man more accessible than your Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent kind of characters. In life we all want to be Superman but the thing is, we’re all more like Spider-Man, the ultimate underdog.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Raimi/Maguire Spider-Man films and I always thought Tobey Maguire was a great Spider-Man but I’ll be honest and admit I never cared much for his portrayal of Peter Parker. Peter Parker has always been portrayed as a “science nerd” in each incarnation of Spider-Man (be it comics, cartoons or other media) but some adaptations forget that he actually becomes a suave, more confident and popular guy after he becomes Spider-Man and that’s one of the essential parts of the character in my eyes. While Maguire portrayed the “science nerd” version of Parker very well, he never really gave us Spider-Man fans the more confident, charming, wisecracking Peter that Andrew Garfield portrays wonderfully in Amazing Spider-Man. Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of Mary-Jane Watson was also a disappointment and the chemistry between Maguire and Dunst was never as believable as it should of been.

The chemistry between Peter and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), however, is really great and it helps to enhance the overall appeal and likeability of the film. Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary also give solid and believable performances as Ben Parker, May Parker and Captain Stacy respectively.

Overall my only real complaint about the reboot is the portrayal of Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard (Rhys Ifans).  As great as Spider-Man is in the Raimi films, I’ve always felt that the Spider-Man villains were portrayed in too cartoonish of a manner and the reboot suffers that same problem. While Harry Osborn/New Goblin (James Franco) had some depth and a good story arc in the original trilogy, the other villains were a little too one-dimensional and hammy and this seems to be a recurring issue with the way that the Lizard is portrayed in this film.

Overall thought I think this movie is really great and is an excellent step in the right direction after Spider-Man 3, unfortunately, stumbled in a lot of ways. Be sure to check out my video reviews of the film below:

and of course there’s a “spoiler-heavy” version of the review as well:

So ultimately Amazing Spider-Man was a very solid film and will be sure to entertain fans and non-fans alike and is a film I highly recommend checking out. I’d give it a solid A-

Introduction to my Comic Collection Part 4: Uncanny X-Men

So here I wrap up my look at the highlights of my Marvel Comics collection by focusing on the Holy Grail pieces of my Uncanny X-Men Collection such as Uncanny X-Men #137 (the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga as well as Jean Grey’s 1st death [back when death in comics meant something]) and issu2 266 (the first full appearance of Gambit). I also display a couple of my issues from Jim Lee’s awesome run on the series as well.

New Trailer for Dredd debuts…

Thoughts on this? I personally think it simultaneously looks like it will be a great action movie but will also be corny and cliched, much like the Stallone version (only darker and more accurate to the source material in certain respects)

Sound off in the comments below.

V-Log 06-18-2012: Quick News Update

I know I’ve been gone the last week or so and have been out of the “reviewing loop” for a while so I thought I would give you a quick update on what I’m working on:

Transformers & other Plastic Crack:

I’m going to be doing the long-awaited Metroplex Review I’ve been talking about the past couple of weeks, as well as a review of two new-ish Thor figures.

X-Men & other Paper Crack:

I’m working on two videos right now. The first one is going to focus on the highlights of my Uncanny X-men comic collection, the second will be a V-Log where I express my thoughts on the revelation that Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern) is gay. I’ve always felt that gay characters in comics have been misrepresented or been portrayed in an exploitative kind of way and I have a cynical sort of feeling that’s where DC is going with this storyline. I’m not gay myself (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say) but I have friends and family members who are gay so this is an issue I have a lot to say about.

Sean at the Movies:

This Friday I’m going to be giving you a review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as well as Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. After a week of crappy movie releases it looks like we’re finally (knockin’ on wood) getting a couple of decent movies coming out. I’m also working on a review of Kull: The Conqueror (done in the Nostalgia Critic/Spoony style) as well as a review of the latest Underworld movie to hit blu-ray.

So yeah, busy next couple of weeks for the Sean-Man, be sure to keep watching the videos and letting me know what you think, thanks as always for your viewership!

* And yes, I realize Alan Scott is by no means a new Green Lantern character. I meant to say the “new Green Lantern storyline” but I f**ked up.

Movie Masters Dark Knight Rises Figures Spotted (and bought by The Sean)

So I had to take care of some PITA business at Bank of America last Saturday since they’re open until 1 on Saturday afternoons, and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to catch the bus I wanted to get back home so I figured I would dick around the nearby Toys ‘R Us to kill some time before the next bus got to the mall and I was there right when they were putting these figures on the shelves:


That’s right folks, I was able to snag TWO Catwoman figures:


As well as an Alfred figure:


I also made a quick “Hauls Video” for these guys:

Entertainment News for the week of May 28th 2012

So here’s my TV/Movie News video for the week of 05/28/2012. I posted this on my main page but I thought I should post it here as well since I talk about the Iron Patriot in my news video and his appearance in Iron Man III

Movie News Video :


My Thoughts on these News Pieces (in which I discuss the Iron Patriot a little more):



Les Miserables Trailer:



Martin Short/Kathy-Lee Gifford Interview:


Iron Patriot Picture:

Introduction to my Comic Collection Part 3: Spider-Man

So here we take a look at “Spider-Man,” the spin-off of Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man. Just as The Uncanny X-Men got a spin-off that was just “X-Men” Spidey got his own spin-off that was just “Spider-Man” (which later went on to become “Peter Parker: Spider-Man”).

Overall I thought this series had a great start with Todd McFarlane and Eric Larsen starting it off, but ultimately I think it fizzled after they left, leaving Spidey with trivial adventures you couldn’t really care about that led to the horrible Clone Saga.

So here’s a look at “Spider-Man:”

I also go through my favorite issues of Amazing Spider-Man from my collection:

Dark Knight Rises TV Spots

So two new TV Spots for The Dark Knight Rises hit the web this week. Check them out below! (videos might take a second to load/appear)